Book Review: Desperate

by The Queen Mommy

If you are a weary mom – frazzled by life and kids and responsibilities and burdens – then Desperate was written with YOU in mind!

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A collaboration between Sarah Mae (my first favorite blogger) and Sally Clarkson, who developed a beautiful mentoring relationship that really birthed this book, Desperate is written for every mom who has said, “I Just Can’t Be a Mom Today.”

Knowing Sarah Mae’s writing, and understanding the topic for this book, I was really anxious to get my hands on a copy. Then, because Sarah Mae is sooo good, she offered the opportunity to review this book and I got my ebook last week. Ann Voskamp (author of one thousand gifts) wrote the foreward and I cried TWICE just reading that!

The truth is, Moms need PRACTICAL, PHYSICAL help. Being a mom is about juggling and NO mom can do it all very well without some help. Yet, we all live with this Supermom Mystique hanging over our heads, as though we MUST tough it out and do it alone and BE everything to everyone without first putting on our own oxygen mask!

Movement -
Listen – I’ve been a Desperate Mama. I am overwhelmed by life – by our financial situation – by mothering my children not just effectively but lovingly and nurturing their spirits – by trying to trust God with the unanswered questions that bombard us on a daily basis. But I want to become part of the No More Desperate Moms movement, and this book gave me some fresh air that I really, truly needed.

Ann wrote the foreward from an emergency room. She’s a mom.

Sarah Mae wrote this book out of her own desperation as a mom with 3 children under the age of 5.

Sally Clarkson wrote from her experience and wisdom as a mom of adult children, sharing her inspiration with those of us who are still early in the journey.

Some moms have it all together. Some moms can’t find their keys. {ahem} If you have it all together, may I suggest that you share your wisdom and experience with others. If you can’t find your keys, sit down and have a breather, and then pick up a copy of this book. Maybe it’ll be in your local bookstore, and maybe you’ll want the pdf version – either way – grab ahold of this book and see what wisdom God has brought to moms everywhere from the pens of these two moms and their journeys through motherhood.

I’ll be really honest – I need a mentor mom or two who can force me to STOP in my tracks, who won’t mind to sit down in my chaotic house for a cup of tea and soak up their wisdom and experiences as a mom. I have friends and my mom is very encouraging, but I need someone who can call me up and say they are coming over and bringing teabags (or coffee, of course) and they are gonna sit and visit with me so they can share from their journey and their beautiful wisdom that comes from being a mom. I need that.

Until that happens, I’m going to continue to peruse and read (and re-read) books like these that breathe fresh life into my motherhood journey. That help me get perspective and clear eyes. That remind me that my mission is beyond laundry piles and messy floors. That motherhood is all about the little hands and feet and hearts that God has graced my life with – both for their sake and mine.

Desperate was written for me – if for no other mom. If you feel desperate in your journey, may I recommend you follow the links below and get your own copy of this book for yourself? It may be the first of many lifelines to help you not just survive, but gracefully thrive as a mother.

Click HERE for a sample chapter before you buy.

Click HERE to buy a copy of the book for yourself.

An online Bible study at The Better Mom will begin 1/29 if you’d like to participate there, and there are Facebook groups becoming available for desperate moms from all walks of life!

View this video from Sally Clarkson, at her blog, I Take Joy, to see her heart and how she wants to minister to moms everywhere!

I give this a 5 out of 5 stars rating – and am glad I have it for the start of 2013! {I DID receive a free copy of the ebook for the purpose of providing a review and am part of the Desperate Launch Team! The opinions stated are entirely my own and I am really grateful for the chance to read this book and glad to recommend it to you!}


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