Do It Yourself Fabric Softener

by The Queen Mommy

We were low on fabric softener, and on the money to buy more. We have to use liquid softener, rather than dryer sheets, due to 2 kids with eczema/dry skin. The laundry was piling high and the need to do laundry burned in me like my need for coffee. (Okay, maybe it wasn’t really THAT dramatic, but I was trying to build effect here!)

I was on the phone with my mom and she talked about making her fabric softener, and the light bulb went off in my head. Not only was it cheaper to make my own softener, but I could also give it a “designer-type” fragrance by personalizing it myself! SCORE!

Who knew that using vinegar and cheap hair conditioner could be so versatile? Here’s the recipe for Homemade Fabric Softener my mom posted at her blog, The Better Baker. I already knew that vinegar was great for softening clothes, but I admit I’m all about the scent, so using a bargain conditioner gave me the scent I wanted for just pennies on the dollar!!!

It is fairly effective on the static that has been HORRIBLE at our house. I do use a fabric refresher and we have a humidifier running, too. Poor Georgie – she’s walked out of the house some mornings looking like one of those plasma globes. (Think Albert Einstein!) This fabric softener does seem to work pretty well on most cases of dryer static, so I’m pleased at the ease with which it was made and how well it is working on our clothes!

(P.S. – I used the S.u.a.v.e. Everlasting Sunshine conditioner – and it has a very clean, soft, refreshing scent! I am quite pleased!)

Do you make your own cleaning solutions or laundry essentials?


  • Carrie

    I use vinegar in the rinse cycle! Never thought about using a scented conditioner too! How interesting and cool! =)

    • The Queen Mommy

      Carrie – thanks for your reply! The idea of adding conditioner is what really got my attention, too. The smell is amazing – not overpowering like some commercial softeners – but nicer than just plain vinegar!

  • Marsha Joy Baker

    Works for me! I love it too. Thanks for sharing my link. I just read this week about another EZ idea to reduce static cling…keep a ball of foil in your dryer. It works against the static. Let me know how it works at your house. =)

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