Happy Birthday to My Love

by The Queen Mommy

Today is my husband’s 43rd birthday. He HATES growing older – but I just have to say that I’m glad he was born and that he has been with us for 43 years. This is the kickoff to our week of celebration – his birthday, our anniversary, my birthday.

It’s also the day that my dad is undergoing a heart catheterization and Roy’s dad is having another eye surgery! Sheesh!

I’ve known my husband for almost 22 years. We have had a LOT of ups & downs in our relationship – and in our marriage – but I’ll tell you that I cannot even imagine my life without him. I happen to think that birthdays are meant to be relished rather than tolerated, and I hope that no matter what the day brings he knows how much I love him and am glad I married him…

He should be getting his annual banana pudding – and he got some cologne from his kids and some cake mix cookies from me already. Starting off on the right foot!

{P.S. – after a number of phone calls, the hospital called and rescheduled my dad’s heart cath for TOMORROW. it’s been a wild ride with this procedure for my dad – but as far as we know, we’re on for tomorrow!}

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