He Loves Messy

by The Queen Mommy

Hi.  I’m Debbie.  And I am a Messy.

It’s true.  While I crave order and perfection, I live in clutter and collection.  I gather things around me – things I don’t need, things I don’t use, things I don’t want 5 minutes after I get them.

i know where my kids get that

I am not just messy, I am a MESS.

I am constantly seeking order and peace in my life, and failing to find it.  I don’t mean the deep-down peace of knowing where I will go when I die.  That, I have.

Bringing that peace up to the surface, where the waves toss and the wind blows, well, I am a mess.

Like Peter walking on the water.

Like the thief on the cross.  depending on the day, i could be either one.

Like Thomas requiring proof.

And God LOVES me.  He doesn’t just tolerate me or chuckle at my misbehavior.  He loves me and my messy,

I don’t know why I am so messy.  I CRAVE order.  And by crave, I mean it makes me CRAZY to be other than orderly.

So I am always wrestling myself.  Arranging and rearranging.  It allows me to express my creativity, while trying to make things more orderly.

I am really so very thankful, whatever my deal is, that God loves Messy…

What about you?  Can you relate to Messy?


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