Health Habits: Chugging Along

by The Queen Mommy

While I didn’t set any real goals last week, I didn’t entirely let go of my New Year Goals. With such a busy week, I did get to the gym only once, but focused on drinking more water every day and did pretty well with that. I was on the go for four days, so I can say I moved more, although it was nothing like a cardio workout.

My mom & I didn’t even really get to visit until Friday and she mentioned a new app that she had found, and I looked it up and added it to my phone. It’s called My Fitness Pal and she said she really liked it because it kept both a food journal and exercise log. Rather than carrying around a little paper book, it’s a fairly simple app to use, and I started using it, too. You input your height & weight, provide your target weight and how quickly you would like to lose your weight, how much/how often you workout and then it helps you calculate your caloric needs accordingly. Rather than just saying – you get 1200 calories today – it utilizes your activity and goals and helps you find a healthy way of eating by setting a realistic goal for calories and then helping you track your eating to stay within that scope!

One of the most important aspects of successfully losing weight is KEEPING A FOOD JOURNAL. It’s one reason (but only one) that Weight Watchers is so successful. Writing down everything you put in your mouth makes you more aware of what you eat, and also lets you see where you (may) go overboard. I’m still new to using it, but I have already noticed an improvement in the mental aspect of eating, so that is a good thing.

Losing weight in a healthy manner is NOT about starving yourself. MODERATION has almost become a bad word these days – in ANY area – but it is really an essential part of being healthy – both in eating and activity.

Do you have any favorite fitness apps? Do you keep a food journal when you try to lose weight? How has it helped you?


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