Health Habits for 2013

by The Queen Mommy

Did you notice my post yesterday? Cheese Danish. Oh my was it good! I was really surprised at how tasty they ended up cuz I was in SLOW MODE making them this morning. lol!

They went nicely with a hot cup of vanilla biscotti coffee – and we enjoyed them very much. NOT light in calories, but also NOT something we will eat every day – or every week – we enjoyed every bite we took.

I’m joining up today with Health Habits at Teachers of Good Things for a weekly meme focusing on healthy habits. Dollie’s post was written very well, and I like how she wrote about her overall goals and then broke them down into her goals for this week! I’ve already been working on my goals for 2013 and trying to break them down – Dollie’s post really helped me grasp how I could do that for myself. =) Sometimes, I just need a lot of help.


That makes for S.M.A.R.T. goals:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant (and Realistic)
  • Time-bound

She utilized a good format for setting her goals, and that helped me get a handle on mine.

I don’t have an resolutions this year – yep, I have goals, but not resolutions. Resolutions are always unattainable for me, so Goals seem a better word for me.

2013 Goals

  • Better Health
  • Improve my Relationships
  • Grow my Writing

Better Health
Breaking these goals down, I want to lose 40 lbs this year. I want to lower my anxiety and stress both by weight loss and incorporating some relaxation methods into my life. Roy & I are talking about finding a Tai Chi class or a Yoga class – and when it comes to meditation, I want to utilize some celtic music (proven to lower blood pressure), but mainly praise & worship music and Scripture memorization.

Improve my Relationships
This is where I really struggle. I WANT to have deep relationships with my family members, but I have lived my life flowing on circumstances. I want to jump off that crazy train and let go of my expectations and circumstances, so I can live out my love to my family. I am not, by nature, a servant, but I want to develop a servant’s heart for my family while respecting my husband and nurturing/training my children. I’m incorporating some anger management, and along with the relaxation and exercise/weight loss seek to improve my physiological, spiritual and emotional status.

Grow my Writing
It is not that I don’t write enough, it’s that I want to write in a more focused manner, with more intention. I have been burning with several ideas about which to write, and am looking to build my writing both here and in the other opportunities God is opening up for me. My mom and I will be launching a new site featuring the ebooks she & I are collaborating on, and I’ll be working more with Heather Bixler at Christian Stay at Home Moms and Bible Study for Her.

Week 1 Goals:

  • Visit the Gym 3 times and walk 30 minutes each time
  • Prayer Cards for my Husband and Children
  • Have 3 blog posts written and scheduled ahead of time with links, etc.

I started back at the gym in December and got really sidetracked when my kids got sick, but I’m getting back on the treadmill and working on a good routine! I have prayer cards for my family, but need to get them cut and organized and start them today. That’s important to me. I pray for my family, but not like I could, and I’m using prayer cards to coach me along. I do not have ONE blog post written and scheduled, so this will be a big challenge. Especially since the kids go back to school and I start my part-time job this week! More about that later.

So do you set resolutions or goals in a new year? What are your goals for 2013?

  • Vicki Arnold

    Great goals! Breaking them down will really help you meet them. :)

  • Marsha ‘Nana’ Baker

    Great post – I always LOVE practical ideas. I aim to get healthy – that means figuring what I eat (calories or points) and move more. I need to drop lbs. too, but I don’t want to focus on that as much as I do treating my body as the temple of the Lord. It’s great to have goals….and my Word of the Year is RESTORATION….that’s what I am praying for daily. XO

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