Health Habits: Week 2 – When Plans Change

by The Queen Mommy

So my goals for Week 1 were as follows:

  1. Go to the gym 3 times and walk 30 minutes each.
  2. Prayer cards for my hubby & kids.
  3. Write & Schedule 3 blog posts.

I missed goal 1 entirely. Not gonna make any excuses. I only got to the gym 1 time but was more active than usual on both Wednesday and Friday mornings doing laundry, running up & down the stairs at home, cleaning up, etc. It is NOT the same as going to the gym, but I was making conscious decisions to get UP and move instead of sitting, so that was a good thing.

I have my prayer cards and have been praying. Part of my prayers include a parenting devotional on my YouVersion App – which I love – and that keeps me focused on praying for my family. I have been using the Prayer Cards from Time Warp Wife, (she has cards for praying for children) but actually have a couple of different sets (Revive Our Hearts) and so I can rotate them out each month and not feel monotonous or rote in my prayers. My prayers for my children are actually calendar based (Keeping It Personal and Inspired to Action), but I pray them at the same time, so it all works out.

Technically, this is my 3rd scheduled blog post. I happened to have the brilliant opportunity to read and review TWO ebooks by three really terrific authors, Jessica Heights (100 Pound Loser), and Sarah Mae / Sally Clarkson (Desperate) – both of which support my goals to IMPROVE MY HEALTH and IMPROVE MY RELATIONSHIPS. I was excited to read them, and will be reviewing Mommy Anger Management by Tabitha Philen soon, too. GOOD stuff.

Week 2 Goals are:

Walk 3o minutes 3 times in the next 7 days. (At the gym or using my walking video at home.)

Drink 32 oz of water every single day.

Continue Praying for my husband & children every morning.

Journal 3 gifts per day (minimum).

Write and schedule 3 blog posts for next 7 days ahead of time.

This week I will be working more at my new part-time job (blog post to come) so it will be a challenge to adjust to the changing schedule. My goals are still attainable, but will require a little more planning ahead, which I’m NOT always good at. I’m giving myself some room for challenge without going crazy trying to get there. These are goals, not set in stone rules, and give me something to reach toward.

FYI – if you didn’t catch my review of Desperate yesterday, I have to add this note: I got up a little early to throw a load of clothes into the dryer so I would have clean clothes to wear to work yesterday. Got upstairs to check on my review post to make sure it wasn’t missing anything, and heard noise upstairs that always puts me in a desperate place. Sure enough, I went up to discover that Little Man had gone into the girls’ room, woke both of them up and had a green marker redecorating their painted-with-primer-to-cover-the-already-crayoned-markered-lipglossed-walls. At 6:15 a.m.!!! So now it’s back to READING Desperate again. LOL For those of you following the Health Habits post, you might be interested in my review of 100 Pound Loser, as well.




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