It’s all in HOW you say it

by The Queen Mommy

So I got to drive to pick up Curly after Good News Club tonight. We were having high winds and white-out conditions. Roy was home with Georgie and Little Man because his appointments had cancelled due to the weather. It was blustery cold, and I drove about 10 miles under the speed limit.

So we talked about GNC and then she started telling me about her day. She said that they got to see dinosaur poop at school. She said one boy touched it and even sniffed it.


(I’m not really sure WHAT this was that she was talking about – whether it was some kind of traveling exhibit, a parent or teacher who brought it in for a special lesson, or what it was for sure).

She proceeds to tell me a little bit more about it and then says,

“And it’s called something other than ‘poop’, Mom!”

I said, “Oh, really?”

She said, “Yes. Dinosaur poop is called something else. It starts with an ‘S’ and ends with a ‘T’!”

And suddenly, with my jaw on the carpet, and very much like Schwartz’s mom on A Christmas Story, I’m hearing my voice squeaking out this, “What did you say?” certain that I had not heard her correctly.

She repeated her statement, trying to recall the WORD that is used in place of “poop” when it comes to dinosaur droppings.

I assured her that she did NOT need to say the word and that she could call it “poop” and that it would be just fine. “Turd” was unacceptable. “Poop” was not it. “Droppings” was simply too long to say.

“No, mom! Really. It’s another word for ‘poop’ that starts with an ‘S’ and ends with a ‘T’”…

We moved onto other topics and I completely forgot about it when I got home. Seriously, the roads were REALLY bad and people were driving a little crazy.

So we’re plating up dinner and getting ready to eat, when I suddenly remembered to tell Roy about Claira’s day. She enthusiastically began telling him about her experience seeing dinosaur droppings. And then, without warning, she shouted the word she couldn’t remember earlier.

“SCAT!” she yelled with great aplomb.

And instantly, I’m laughing hysterically thankful that she had indeed remembered the correct word used in place of “dinosaur poop”…

It SO totally matters HOW you say it!!!

  • Dawn

    Now THAT was funny!!!

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