Kinda Funk-y

by The Queen Mommy

I’m in a kind of funk. Maybe it should be called a “fog” for more clarification… Been busy – but feel like I’m walking in the dark trying to feel my way through unfamiliar territory these days. Lots of interrupted sleep. Lots of unexpected schedule changes. I think maybe THIS is the meaning behind the “Let Go” and “Moments” messages God has been sending me…

Van brakes – repaired for the second time in a matter of months. whew!

STILL UNABLE TO SEND EMAIL FROM MY YAHOO ACCOUNT. which got hacked. and apparently sent spam to all of my contacts. I know, right? and yes, I was yelling. but not AT you… just yelling.

Laundry – getting caught up!

Working out – ummmm, not so much, but shopping for alternatives to the gym since it is completely out of our way and getting there has become an issue logistically.

Downton Abbey – big fan. watched the entire episode of Season 3 online last week. devastating…

Crocheting – am relearning something I learned as a teenager and already completed a small project. I’m becoming quite enamored with the whole craft, and am preparing to make a fairly significant project in the next couple of weeks. I’ve been watching tutorials online, and was loaned a book that has helped me a lot. Having fun with it!

Flylady - refamiliarizing myself with her style – and working out some organization on my calendar, too.

Coffee. Ahhhh, the elixir of life. Going to make a pot now.

So far, we are avoiding any major crises – just seem to be fielding a lot of minor upsets and molehills. Taking our garlic capsules and vitamins – trying to drink lots of water – avoiding illness as much as possible… Praying God continues to protect our health and well-being and watching Him work in very unexpected ways.

What’s going on in YOUR world today???


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