Life as I Know It

by The Queen Mommy

So we are still in the process of packing to move – our move has been slower than we anticipated – but we are making progress.  Pink walls have been primed for painting blue-gray later for Little Man’s room.  Kitchen has been cleaned and prepped for moving.  Curtain rods & curtains are purchased for main living areas.  Color palettes are being put on hold until plumbing is completed (some things take priority, you know!).  And we are slowly but surely packing more and taking small trips when we can.  It seems like a VERY long process, but process it is!

I’m doing some cleaning up around the blog here, condensing some categories, and preparing a new home for my blog, as well!  I know – two major moves at once – but it’s about time!

Although we’ve had much lower temps for the past couple of weeks, yesterday was 90 and today is predicted to hit  90 again!  I can’t stand it. LOL!  I LOVE my fall mornings – and these 90 degree days throw me for a loop!  Looks like the rest of the week will continue to cool, and I’m praying that we will make a BIG move over a much cooler weekend.

The Bible Study {Good Morning Girls – Loving Like Jesus} has really been great – digging into some subjects that feel pretty tender – and speak deeply to the heart.  This week, I’m working to incorporate the study into mornings-before-school-with-my-kids too – so we will see how that goes!

Hope you are having a good start to your week!

  • Marsha ‘Nana’ Baker

    Sounds like your ‘Life in the Fast Lane’ remains strong…=) One thing at a time…one day at a time. You’re gonna get ‘there’…moved…thinking of you and praying for you daily Hon. Keep looking up. XO

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