Makeover Series: Everything but the Kitchen Sink

by The Queen Mommy

So as we have settled into routines, we have found a way to live around the boxes and bins of packed things.  There were items stowed away in a back room of the house that had to be moved to an outbuilding before other smaller items could be moved out and the room rearranged.

The larger items have been moved out, but the rearrangement is yet to be accomplished.  I can only do one thing at a time, right? {Update!  We got this done over the weekend, after this post was written!  It’s SO awesome – will post about this next in this series!}

Part of my kitchen issue, of course, is the cabinets.  While we have made do with some bookcases for some items, my dad delivered a few separate cabinet section pieces and one was immediately put into place and into use.  With GREAT thanks, for sure.  The other cabinet pieces however, did not quite fit into the kitchen because they measured too long for the wall space I have to use.

So when my friend Nanna was here (by the way, she is completely INVALUABLE to me!  She helped me paint.  She helped me pack.  She helped me clean.  She helped me move.  And then she inspired a couple of projects for which I am so excited and so grateful for her input.  I couldn’t have done it without her, and plan to make lunch for her once my kitchen is in place!)

Anyway, when she was here, she commented that maybe we should build a pedestal for one set of cabinets and lift it up and above a floor heat register, so the cabinets could come in the kitchen without blocking the heat.


This is currently my “pantry” set up.  I have a plastic recycling bag hanging on the wall and 2 bookcases storing dry goods and other miscellaneous items.  It works, but it’s messy.

2013-10-21 09.17.57

Without these bookcases, my kitchen would be a disaster, so I’m thankful for the temporary solution. I have a much longer yellow “bee” themed cabinet that would fit into this space, but stretches about 5-6″ over the floor register. I’d like to avoid a fire as much as possible, so after Nanna suggested a pedestal, my wheels started turning and I sent a note to my dad asking him if it would be possible / plausible to build such a thing, and to price it out for me. Along with that, I had 2 other building projects, so my wheels were in overdrive…

Kitchen Cabinet Pedestal

So, this was my suggested project, and because my dad is a master craftsman / builder / carpenter, he is working to make it not only useful but sturdy.  This will lift my cabinets off the floor, leave a space open for the heat register, and add even more storage space to my kitchen.  I will be able to store paper goods, dry goods and other extra items in this bottom space, while using the cabinets above to store all the items now filling the bookcase shelves.  Once the cabinets are in place, I plan to tackle painting and redecorating the kitchen.  I plan to prime the yellow-bee cabinets and then decide how I will decorate and theme the kitchen.  I’m really torn, but am settled on the colors of deep red, deep blue and sunflower yellow.  My primary color will be cream with accents of the red, blue & yellow.  It will probably be the most eclectic room of the house, but so far, we’ve been living as much in the kitchen at the kitchen table – as the other rooms of the house!

In fact, if you want to get ideas of what I like for my “Dream Kitchen” you can follow my board on Pinterest!

  • Marsha ‘Nana’ Baker

    Lovely! Doncha just love it when a plan comes together! How fun to get organized and settled in. Can’t wait to see it all for myself.

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