Makeover Series: Kitchen Cabinets Are In – Bee Happy!

by The Queen Mommy

Yesterday, my dad and his older brother, Sherm, brought 4 different cabinets / storage units to our house.  The largest one, on wheels, went back into the cottage.  {Note – we have an outbuilding that is basically a small modular unit with electricity that we are calling The Cottage.  That name holds a special meaning for my girls and me, and when everything is said and done, the cottage will be a sanctuary for all of us, and not just a storage room.}

I had asked my dad to build a pedestal for the large kitchen cabinet units that he delivered a month ago.  While one cabinet has been in use in the kitchen already, there was a larger, longer unit that needed a pedestal to make room for the floor vent.  I was so excited to see it come off the trailer and to get the cabinets put in place. The bookcases had been working well, but I had condensed one into a “pantry” and the other was our catch-all for everything else.  They served a purpose, but it was cluttered.

Kitchen Cabinet Before

My brother, Dave, painted the cabinets white that my dad built, so they were ready to go right into the house and right into use.  We got the very heavy cabinets put up onto the pedestal base and BAZINGA!

Kitchen Cabinets After

The yellow cabinets with the bee-theme are actually kinda cute.  The theme itself has grown on me.  But the paint job is pretty bad, so I am going to try to improve it rather than change it entirely.  Let’s face it – I’m a rather eclectic person, right?  Teapots & roosters will both be in the kitchen, and I think I’m gonna find a way to incorporate some bees, too.

I already had a little sign that I hung in my other kitchen, and I think this will be the title of my overall kitchen theme:

Bee Happy

I will be painting the yellow cabinets a cream color – all of them will be that color eventually, in fact.  But I plan to target the yellow ones first and then gradually get to the other white cabinets that came in the kitchen.  I already started painting the newly installed cabinets just to see how the color looked and I’m quite happy about it.



  • Melissa

    Your new cabinets sound wonderful!

    • Debbie Taylor

      Melissa – they are a HUGE blessing and really fill a need in my kitchen. I love them!

  • Marsha ‘Nana’ Baker

    Looks wonderful! I’m so excited how those BEE cabinets were made just for you…they’ll be so pretty with a nice coat of paint. Rock on Sista!! (Or should I say…BUZZ on?=)

    • Debbie Taylor

      You know what? I am really awed by the way God blesses so specifically!

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