Not sure what is going on these days

by The Queen Mommy

My hair has gone greasy. I have no idea why. Is it hormones? Is it one of those side effects of peri-menopause? I need to know cuz I’m not sure how to deal with my hair. It’s longer than it’s been in a long time, maybe EVER, and some days it looks great – but by the end of the day, it’s like I put Crisco in it or something and it’s stuck to my head. Gross. Any suggestions? I’ve used anti-dandruff, or extra moisturizing, or tar shampoo, or volumizing – nothing seems to have any kind of great effect on it. blechhhh!

Our van brakes. Would you all say a prayer? Fixed twice. Still not quite right somehow. Working – but weird…

Curly has had a sore throat for 2 days – no fever, thankfully – but sore throat. She’s been entirely quiet this weekend, oddly, but still sweet. I have been concerned about strep, but with no fever, and really serious complaints until this evening, we’ve been treating with tylenol. We added some zyrtec (maybe it’s allergies?), and a vaporizer next to her bed. We’ll see what happens.

Valentines Day is coming, but Roy and I had the distinct and indulgent pleasure of celebrating it together already. We have a friend who volunteered to watch our 3 kids for free, who gave us a gift card to Olive Garden for dinner and sent us on our way. Roy & I got to watch a movie together (and it was NOT an animated kids movie, either) and then enjoyed a luscious dinner together. I can’t even tell you how much I relished being able to eat my food warm, and not settle any fights, and just be able to look at my handsome husband and be his wife. It was a lovely several hours and I felt spoiled by it. When we got home, we discovered that Little Man had treated our dear friend to a rather explosive diaper and she’d had to give him a bath!!! Thankfully, her sweet teenage daughter, of whom my daughters are enamored, was here for backup and all three kids really had fun. What a super blessed treat!!!

Roy and I also have agreed that we are going to let our gym membership expire. It was good while it lasted, but it has actually become quite an imposition to get to the gym, meaning we are paying for a service we can’t really use as we would like to. And we are looking to start Weight Watchers to get a grip on the eating aspect of our health. We’re still talking through it all and trying to work out the details, but we’re moving in a positive direction, we believe.

Our marriage Bible study at church has been really good. Really good in the kick-your-butt kind of way. I don’t like coming out of a Bible study feeling like I’ve been kicked in the teeth, but apparently my prideful, cocky, little attitude needs some serious adjusting. The Bible study is called “What Did You Expect? (click this link for the Kindle version)” by Paul David Tripp. We are utilizing the workbook and DVDs, but our pastor highly recommends the book for an even more thorough examination. Um, yeah, I already feel like I’ve had a pretty thorough examination – one of those really uncomfortable, up close and personal examinations that leave you feeling rather sore… But healthier for having undergone an exam. Know what I mean? You can click the link below for a paperback copy of the book itself…

So there’s a lot going on – a lot of good – and some other stuff I can’t write about yet – but God is certainly present and with us in the middle of all of it…

  • Debbie


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