Thank You Subscribers. This is just Testing for Email

by The Queen Mommy

If you are not able to get to this post when you click a link either from email or RSS feed, would you please shoot an email to  mommiescoffee at gmail dot com.  I would SO appreciate it!

Since I’ve been having such problems with the email subscriptions lately, I’ve been playing around behind the scenes and trying to patch things up.  I got an email from a subscriber, after another one from my my mom.  I noticed I couldn’t get to the blog posts via the links in my emails either.

HOPEFULLY things have been fixed and it will be the fix I need.  Subscribers weren’t able to click over to the blog and find the content – and well, that’s the WHOLE point of HAVING subscribers, right?  I only know about the problems with the emails, but wonder about the RSS subscribers who might get their updates in a feed reader…

So, if you receive this via email, feel free to visit the blog (click over or just plug in the website address) and let me know how things look on your end.  If you are an RSS subscriber, feel free to do the same to make sure links are working.

Are they working?

Are they still broken?

There were some changes on the back end of the subscription service I was using that I wasn’t aware of because I had been on a blogging hiatus.  Since coming back, they have become noticeable, and I have been doing a lot of investigating, revamping, etc.

I am changing subscription services, which really should NOT require anything on your part if you have subscribed via RSS or receive my blog updates via email.  I know that things like this can be really challenging for readers who like to flip through their feeds quickly and get a bazillion other emails that they don’t have enough time to read.  If you feel the need to unsubscribe, I totally understand and hope that you will visit the Facebook Page and keep in touch that way!

I apologize for any inconvenience to my subscribers, and hope that with the changes I’m making things can get back on track…

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