The One Where I Can’t Figure Out A Catchy Title

by The Queen Mommy

Yep – I’m still on a somewhat techy-break from the internet. Sporadically, I’ve been on Pinterest – chatted with friends on Facebook – tweeted a few things – left a couple of blog posts.

But for the most part, other than homework, I haven’t been online much. Even my emails are being ignored, uh neglected, um left alone for awhile.

Right now, my kids are downstairs watching a video amidst a scream fest. My holler “What’s going on?” is met with “Nothing” in that singsong voice kids have…


I am learning some things and growing some things in my heart. Dry bones becoming flesh again. good stuff!

Two weeks to go in my courses online, then a break before I take my last class. I’m looking for part-time work and we’ll see what happens. My internship has been amazing, despite the semi that literally crashed into the main center I’ve been working at. No really, it got hit by a semi! Our building is the shorter brick one to the left, but it sustained tremendous damage and so that center is temporarily closed, hoping to be reopened in a temporary/permanent relocation soon!

I’ve missed summer. I don’t advise ANY mom to EVER take summer courses. Really. it stinks. Summer is almost over and I’ve done, well, NOTHING fun with my kids. Outside of a birthday party and 2 trips to the pool, that is. So, I’m rushing to get my internship finished and plan to spend the week before school starts focused on my kids and being silly.

I need more silly in my life. I’m a burned out mommy and it’s gone on far too long. So, my prescription for a virtual break has helped me gain some much needed perspective, and I’m guessing that some time in late August, I’ll be blogging more regularly.

DON’T FORGET THE TROPICAL TRADITIONS COCONUT OIL GIVEAWAY! I’ve added some new info, and extended the deadline! I can’t believe that NOBODY wants to have some FREE delicious, nutritious, amazing coconut oil!!! (seriously, people? not ONE entry??? its super easy and would improve my bloggy attitude, but whatever…) lol

Anyway – hope you have a lovely day – and I look forward to chatting with you again soon.


  • Marsha *Nana* Baker

    (Deep Sigh)….I’m thankful to know atleast you can see the end of the tunnel. Trust and pray the good weather holds out long enough for you to do a few fun things before you settle into a school routine. One day at a time….oh what a relief it will be to D.O.N.E. with courses for now….whewie! You are one determined mama…tie a knot in the end of the rope and hang on for the wild ride. :-*

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