The One with the Never Ending Roller Coaster

by The Queen Mommy

Hey there, Stranger! How are you? No, REALLY. HOW. ARE. YOU? (leave me a comment so I know, would you please?)

Well, I am here. I feel a little bit nervous to even begin writing a post – how silly of me. It’s just you & me here, right? It’s just been awhile since I’ve been here, and it’s been awhile since I’ve written. Life has taken me on a strange turn of events in the past few months, and I am still walking my way through it, one step at a time.

Or loop at a time, depending on the day.

Ever been on a roller coaster? I LOVE them. No, I do. I don’t typically get sick (although I haven’t been on one since I have had babies and wonder if my equilibrium has been affected). I love roller coasters. Been on wooden ones. Been on kiddie ones. Been on ones that I never dreamed I could ride.

My favorite kind – where you sit in the seat and your feet dangle. How about you?

I love that kind because my head doesn’t get the worst of things – just my feet and in them I feel more centered.

I think that’s kinda how God’s Word works in the Never Ending Roller Coaster of life.

When you are on a roller coaster, you are pretty much out of control. You have no say or input about the speed of the coaster, the route it takes, whether or not there are twists and turns, whether or not you can feel every single little bump in the rail, or whether it glides along faster than you’ve ever gone in your entire life.

But there is that bar – or brace – that keeps you in your seat (in most cases, anyway). It doesn’t necessarily change the ride – except you are kept safe and centered. IN the case of the dangly-feet roller coasters, most of your upper body is secured and yet you still feel the thrill of the ride.

I’ve been finding a new routine in my morning ritual – and have been working on spending more time in prayer. Been reading some devotionals. Studying I Peter again. Reading about suffering and living for Christ in any circumstance. And life is just zooming me right along. I’m completely out of control of so many things in my life that I feel dizzy at times, and wonder if it will ever slow down.

The thing about roller coasters is that at some point, they come to an end. You get off the ride – maybe you’re feeling sick or shaky, or maybe exhilarated and excited. But either way, the roller coaster stops. And you can move on to the next ride.

With life, though, sometimes it feels as though the twists & turns, the loops & spins will never ever stop and you can’t get your bearings. If you can grab ahold of that brace – and dig into God’s Word and get a grip on Him – it makes the ride more enjoyable and less scary.

What do you think?

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