The Wagon Ran Over Me

by The Queen Mommy

Yeah. Health Habits. I pretty much fell off the wagon. And then the wagon ran over me. I wish it had lobbed off about 20 lbs, but losing weight is not NEARLY as enjoyable as gaining it can be…

I’ve been in a mental struggle about some things – journaling hasn’t come easy to me, and neither has writing. Partly due to a lack of sleep – Curly has been struggling with sleep for several weeks now – and partly due to still trying to order all of my responsibilities and things into good working order.

I need an Alice. You know – ALICE, from the Brady Bunch. So I can pursue sculpting or singing or whatever else it was that Carol Brady did amongst her child-raising…

But reality dictates that (for the most part) I have to be the one to step up, wash my dishes 2 or 3 times a day (or whatever is necessary), conquer Mt. Washmore, and get my house and family in some sort of good, stable, easy-to-maintain routine.

Which is my BIGGEST problem.

What is it exactly that keeps me from getting there?

I am no Martha, and am pretty much all Mary – so I get that. But I am not blessed with ALICE or ROSIE or anything else to actually DO the chores for me – so I have to find a happy medium. And every day is another challenge to get up – after interrupted sleep – and be the motivating force, the light on the stand in our home.

And then I found THIS.

Go ahead, go check it out. I’ll wait.

What did you think? Sometimes I think other bloggers – other BIG bloggers – whom I don’t know or interact with in any way – MUST read my blog because they go and post something that JUST FITS and is JUST what I need.

I LOVE the Sanity Manifesto.

It’s exactly what I needed to get a second wind and pick up where I needed to, and Let Go where I needed to.

And I also discovered my ONE word phrase this weekend. Let Go is my theme for the year, cuz God wants to give me so much more than I have grasped at for so long.

But He also whispered to my heart, that He wants me to live in my MOMENTS.

More on that to come…

  • Debbie Taylor

    Donna – thanks for your comment. I appreciate your encouragement and reminder about how quickly life passes us by! =)

  • Donna

    Debbie, In your season of life it seems like there is never enough hours in the day to get EVERYTHING done that needs doing, but this too shall pass, and you will wonder where the time has gone! Just keep it a day at a time and you wil make it! The very fact that you care whether you are getting it all right counts for something!!!

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